Jewish Amsterdam Tour

Jewish Amsterdam Tour

Professional Jewish guide

Professional Jewish guide Naomi Koopmans

leads you during this 3 hour tour

through Amsterdam’s Jewish history.

In the heart of what once was a bustling Jewish neighborhood,

you visit 3 primary sites of Jewish heritage:

the Portuguese Synagogue,

Jewish Museum

and Holocaust Memorial.

This is a 3 hour small group tour (max 10 people) in English,

operated only by Naomi Koopmans, from April through September

on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays 10am-1pm.

Price: €45 p.p. excl. entrance fees €17 p.p. (to be purchased on the spot).

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My background:

Ten important years of my life I spent in Israel.

There I was privileged to explore in depth my Jewish heritage.

My related B.A. – and M.A.  degrees from Tel Aviv University

and experience as a licensed tour guide in Israel

are the best background for a guide of Jewish heritage anywhere in the world, I think.

During this tour I touch many different Jewish related subject matters,

customized to my clients’ religious identity and their level of affinity with Judaism.

The Spanish Inquisition which drove the Iberian Jews to Amsterdam,

The relationship between the Sephardic, Iberian Jews and the Ashkenazi, Eastern European Jews,

The professions Dutch Jews engaged in,

The local secular- and religious authorities’ approach to the Jews throughout the ages,

modern trends of antisemitism.

On the Jewish Amsterdam Tour you get to learn about a wide array of Jewish related themes.

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