Amsterdam Walking Tour

Amsterdam Walking Tour

Professional Local Tour Guide of Amsterdam

This tour is conducted by Naomi Koopmans,

a professional local tour guide

who has been engaged in the tourism industry since 1998.

Amsterdam’s past and present

Enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam.

Scenic canals and bridges, symbolic monuments and historic buildings with quaint façades.

Your guide will provide an in-depth account of Amsterdam’s past and present.

Communicate with a local

During the tour you’ll have the opportunity to communicate with a local

and get to know important facts about life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands today.

Small group and personable setting

The max number of participants on this tour is 10 people.

This small number guarantees a high quality and a personable setting of the tour.

“I love to connect with people on my tours.

A small group setting allows for a personable atmosphere”,

says Naomi Koopmans.

“People are curious about so many different aspects of life in Amsterdam.

Questions range from topics like the Protestant Reformation and hidden Catholic churches

to biking patterns and infrastructures.

People want to learn about local health care services and tax laws,

about recent trends of immigration, anything.

My clients’ keen interest and inquiries have kept me engaged and focused

in this profession for so many years.”

Tour’s details

Duration: 3 hours

Price: €29 p.p.

# Participants: Max 10

Language: English


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